Transit - Canal de Panama

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Approaching the Gatum Locks (Atlantic Side) Gatum LocksRowboat bringing cables to the MS VolendamApproach to the Gatum LocksGatum Locks Inching into the first lock at Gatum PanamaFresh water from the locks escaping at sea level Into the first lock at sea levelThe water from the lock in front of the ship will escape into the lock where the ship is presently until the level is equal in both locks Moving into the second lock at Gatum Locks Into Gatum Lake, 33 metres or 85 feet above sea level.Sailing into Gatum LakeISLAND PRINCESS at anchor in Gatum Lake Sailing into the Gaillard CutPuente Centenario (Centennial Bridge).This new bridge will span the Panama Canal at Gaillard (Culebra) CutPanama Canal Railway providing ocean-to-ocean transshipment service between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on a railway that runs 47.6 miles, parallel to the Panama Canal.San Pedro Locks giving access to the Miraflores Lake on the Pacific side San Pedro LocksSan Pedro Locks and Miraflores Lake on the Pacific side San Pedro LocksEngine or "Mule" Enjoying the view on the MS VolendamThe Bridge of the AmericasLeaving the Panama Canal on the Pacific side Panama CityPanama CityLeaving Panama and sailing into the Pacific